Good Girl, Wise Woman

Good Girl and Wise Woman – Finding support in troubled times

How can the Inner ‘Wise Woman’ support ‘a Good Girl’ on the Quest Toward Wholeness in Times of Global Crisis? Researching ways to find connection with intuitive knowing to bring forth wisdom, love, and harmony. The past couple of years have been particularly challenging for people. Along with the devastating global pandemic destroying society, we

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Wise woman

Wise Woman

‘If a woman holds on to this gift of being old while she is young and young while she is old, she will always know what comes next.’ ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes When I first became interested in exploring feminine wisdom, my curiosity was driven by the need to find out: how do we nurture our

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divine feminine

Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is a spiritual energy that has existed since the beginning of time and it’s a part of us. Embracing the divinity within ourselves challenges society’s idea of what empowerment should look like, but in reality, no one can be powerful outside themselves without embracing all parts of who they are. While definitions

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Transpersonal psychology healing

Transpersonal Psychology in a nutshell

Transpersonal psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the spiritual or transpersonal aspects of human experience. William James is credited with the first recorded use of the term “transpersonal” during an introductory course syllabus in philosophy at Harward University in 1905. The term transpersonal denotes an individual’s consciousness, self-actualization, and spirituality. It is sometimes

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Is everyone close to getting insane

Is everyone getting close to being insane?

Below is an interview with Dr Mattias Desmet, a Belgian professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University who also holds a degree in statistics. He provides insights into the large-scale psychological phenomenon he called a Mass Formation. Overviewing some statistical analysis conducted during the early pandemic stages, Dr. Desmet noticed certain anomalies. These anomalies pertained

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heroine's journey

Heroine’s Journey

There are many heroines’ journeys, but Maureen Murdock designed one that I found the most interesting. She was the first to recognize that Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey narrative paradigm did not adequately address the psycho-spiritual journey of women. She developed a model for what she called “The heroine’s journey” based on her work with people

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