Wise woman

Wise Woman

‘If a woman holds on to this gift of being old while she is young and young while she is old, she will always know what comes next.’ ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

When I first became interested in exploring feminine wisdom, my curiosity was driven by the need to find out: how do we nurture our ability to make decisions that will bring peace and connection? As women, we are surrounded by something deeply sacred all around us. How can we evolve with compassion for ourselves and an understanding of those unconscious aspects of the psyche that show up ready to heal instead of hurt us? When there is so much going on globally, what must be done about beliefs and behaviors not benefiting society at large but only certain individuals or groups within it?
On the journey to stand and embrace the truth behind these questions, I welcomed the assistance of the inner Wise Woman archetype. The archetype here is viewed as the ‘presence of a divine force within the human soul, that manifests itself in all the typically human patterns of thought, feeling, image, and behavior.’  Together with the archetypes of Mother and Virgin, the Wise Woman in archetypal psychology is recognized as one of the three feminine aspects of the psyche. All three are deeply connected at the crossroads in our lives. 

The Wise Woman archetype symbolizes the ‘advancement of age, wisdom, counsel (..), and the Initiator into the deepest of Mysteries and prophecies’. Being one of the three aspects of Divine Feminine is viewed as a metaphor for going inward to bring support for transformative change, ‘love-in-action.

There is a long tradition of the Wise Woman, also known as Crone, in mythology. But, unfortunately, she has evolved from being feared to simply ignored. The Wise Woman archetype was at one time valued for her intelligence and deep knowledge, but today it seems as though society disregards her existence.

But the truth is- she is part of every woman; she emerges more often as we gain experience. The Wise Woman archetype may bring with her physical pain, tiredness, and the need to slow down. But these are signals of renewal and transition. She will ask you to slow down, and to trust, she will invite you to take care of yourself. She will show you compassion and loving wisdom.

Are you ready to welcome her into your life? Are you ready to create an ongoing relationship with her and let her voice be heard?

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