Beyond talk therapy

Beyond talk therapy and classic life coaching

Spiritual Therapeutic Life Coaching

The complexity of our lives and inner disconnection between our conscious and unconscious aspects caused most of us to lose touch with who we really are. In everyday life, this expresses itself as feeling tired and disappointed. It puts us in survival mode turning us into emotional and mental zombies.

Discovering, developing and sharing our true potential is something we are meant to do. I think it is our moral obligation. It is what life is all about.

Spiritual therapeutic coaching is a deep and soulful purpose-led process that will reconnect you with the loving wisdom of your true Self and nurture that inner relationship. It will clear away the emotional and mental haze and bring sunshine into all aspects of your life, health, personal and professional relationships and general well-being. Bringing a richer life experience will enable you to grow into what you are truly meant to be.

I firmly believe that finding and developing our true potential is something we came here for. One way of achieving that potential is by connecting to our loving wisdom.

Is it for You?

Whatever brought you to this page means that you are looking for answers. The little nudge within that gently keeps pushing you to search… sometimes that search looks like deeply felt questions that you are unsure of how to formulate. Sometimes it feels like there is more to the story but your mind and heart are covered by a haze of anxieties.  Spiritual therapeutic coaching can support you on the journey to find some answers or bring peace and clarity.

Some of your struggles might be:

A sense that you have a hidden potential but are unsure of what that is and how to find it

You feel that there are deeper aspects of yourself and you like to get to know them.

You like to discover or a better understanding of your ‘why.’

You feel like you are your own worst critic.

You feel that you keep judging yourself and others in a hurtful way.

You feel that you have some ideas but don’t know where to start to bring them to life.

You have a project to work on, but the priorities are not there.

You need to take steps to make changes in your life, but you keep sabotaging yourself.

You found yourself at a crossroads and not sure what direction to take.

You feel an inner block that keeps you stuck in life.

You feel overwhelmed by life demands and need support.

You forgot how to enjoy life, have fun and appreciate simple things.

Spiritual therapeutic coaching will assist you in the creation of a connection to your inherent qualities. You will find that there is inner guidance available at all times. You will learn how to connect to your loving wisdom and intuition. You will discover that what you perceived as a block might be a slight redirection or even your greatest ally.

The relationship with your own heart will blossom. You will learn to become gentler with yourself and others. Being peaceful and joyful will drive your life, allowing you to see things clearly. You will learn to recognize and listen to the different guiding voices that exist within you.

Warm wishes,