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What are the benefits of Active Imagination?

Active imagination can help individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their own patterns of thought and behavior, and to uncover unconscious beliefs and motivations that may be influencing their lives.

Engaging with the unconscious through active imagination can help individuals to identify and work through difficult emotions, and to develop more effective strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

By tapping into the unconscious mind, active imagination can help individuals to access their innate creativity and to develop new insights and perspectives on personal and professional challenges.

Active imagination can help individuals to develop greater resilience in the face of adversity, by providing a sense of connection to their own inner strength and resources.

By gaining insight into their own patterns of behavior and emotional reactions, individuals can use active imagination to improve their relationships with others, by developing greater empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Active imagination can also be used as a tool for exploring spiritual themes and questions, and for developing a deeper sense of connection to the divine or to a higher power

What is Active Imagination?

Active imagination is a therapeutic method developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, which involves engaging in a dialogue with one’s unconscious mind. The process involves a conscious effort to allow the mind to create mental images and symbols that arise from the unconscious, which can help to uncover deeper levels of personal meaning and understanding.


In active imagination, the individual is encouraged to enter into a state of deep relaxation and to focus on a particular image or symbol that is of personal significance. This image or symbol may be something that arises spontaneously, or it may be something that is intentionally chosen as a starting point for the process.

As the individual engages with the image or symbol, they allow their mind to wander and to explore the associations and meanings that arise. This may involve asking questions of the image or symbol, and allowing the answers to come from within, rather than from a conscious, rational process of thinking.

The purpose of active imagination is to access the deeper levels of the psyche, and to bring to consciousness the unconscious aspects of the self. By engaging with the unconscious in this way, the individual can gain insight into their own patterns of thought and behavior, and can begin to identify and work through any conflicts or issues that may be hindering their personal growth and development.


Active imagination is often used in conjunction with other forms of therapy, such as psychoanalysis or cognitive-behavioral therapy, and can be a powerful tool for promoting self-awareness and personal growth. With practice, individuals can develop the ability to access their unconscious mind more easily, and can use active imagination as a tool for ongoing self-discovery and exploration.

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